The study of epigenetics is generating great interest within the scientific community. This refers to the study of changes produced in the expression of genes without altering the sequence of DNA and is involved in cell function in both normal and pathological conditions. The epigenome is another level of regulation over our genome that, contrary to the genome itself, is dynamic, and is influenced by the type of cell or tissue, age, exposure to environmental stimuli and/or many other factors such as diet, physical exercise, stress, microbiota, or others.

Today it is known that certain defects in epigenetic regulation can be associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, so a better understanding of the epigenetic factors that contribute to the development of this type of disease will lead to additional strategies for its treatment in the future.  Considering that chronic diseases are the main cause of death in Spain, it was necessary to create a scientific organization capable of synergizing the studies carried out in the field of epigenetics and that years ago had been working individually.

In 2018 the NUTRI-EPIGEN network of research groups was born, whose main objective is to promote the work of Spanish groups seeking new modulators of the epigenome through nutrition and/or personalized physical exercise, in order to prevent or treat the diseases associated with the excess food present in our diet.
We are currently a group of 10 research groups with multidisciplinary and international experience. We specialize in the research of bioactive food compounds, nutrition, epigenetics, experimental biology and clinical medicine.

Our main objectives are:
    - To form and synergize a national network of researchers working on the role of environmental factors and the epigenome.
    - To increase the knowledge of the subject and the training of researchers between institutions of the network.
    - Start and/or increase joint research activities between network members to participate in future European or international research projects.